Upload your wind chime or candle videos and get cash back!

We like to be different in our offerings of artisan and Free Trade wind chimes and candles. Most retailers show a photo of its products, some chime sites even allow you to hear a recording.

But owning a handcrafted wind chime is more than listening. Possessing a soothing and aromatic candle more than viewing its static flame in a photo.

Isn't part of the purchasing decision to envision ourselves in that new car or using that new device? Why should selecting a handcrafted chime or candle be any different?

The WindnWax team invites you to take a moment to upload to utube, a video of your purchase. When you email us the link using the Contact WindnWax tab, we'll view the video and  upload it to its corresponding product placeholder, then issue you a rebate on your purchase from WindnWax.com. See your video next to the product you love so much, and help someone else make the decision to see, hear, feel what you do.

Thank you for the effort.

The WindnWax team

WindnWax Video Submission Tips

1. When filming your wind chime, select a day where a light breeze is present. Film "downwind" to avoid distortion in audio.

2. Film using a tripod ot sturdy stand. Jumpy and shaky video affects the overall presentation of your work.

3. For filming wind chimes, refrain from talking in the background; let your chime work its magic on your audience.

4. For filming candles, do so im a dimly-lit room. Feel free to let your favorite "candle time" music play softly in the background.

5. Try and let your video run the full 10 minute limit specified in the upload instructions.

When you are finished, use the Contact WindnWax tab to submit your video and claim your 20% rebate. Hurry as we'll only allow one video per product!

More videos to help you get started
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