A few words from WindnWax.tv founder Nibor Doohad

When I entered the world of online commerce, I'm told I had that quintessential deer-in-the-headlights gaze. At 48 years old, my past experience in business came from 27 years of brick-and-mortar operations. Add to it that—despite a short stint in the vending snacks space—my dealings were limited to the service sector, i.e. laundromats, corporate transportation (limousines), a travel agency, etc.

And, maybe that’s why I ultimately  chose Fair Trade. Put simply, while I had applied myself accordingly in the merchandising efforts Know Fear Wear and Prison Art Ware, I found that my building and operation of WindnWax.tv kept me wondering what was missing…service to others.

I actually stumbled onto Fair Trade by accident. It was during my search to find struggling Artisans to represent, that I began to experience a sudden lack of confidence at “business building”. Then, while navigating that rocky road of artisans recruitment, I decided to temporarily cave-in, sell out, on my Artisan-only idea, and carry dropship product as a filler stock until I had 20-50 Artisans added to the site.

I was deep into the returned results of that initial Google search for drop shipped Windchimes, when I came across the first of several Fair Trade wholesalers. The term was new to me but felt right, so I stopped what I was doing and put some of that blessed ADHD - fueled focus into researching the industry. I came away with a “just maybe” attitude that has grown into a solid commitment to not only peddle the wares of Fair Trade Artisans at home and abroad, but to forge personal relationships with each of them.

Finding product was another challenge. While I am certain there is much to offer, for some reason I chose to sell just 2 items: wind chimes and candles. To sell them well, sell the best the market had to offer and do it consistently. And it helps when you sell a product you love. I appreciate  the calming  otherworld serenity that comes under the influence of the chime’s notes or the candles aroma and dancing flame.

One thing bothered me, however, in the representation of these people I now count among my closest friends—the way they’re portrayed by the media.

The truth is that we, a society, are numb to the feed me content seen on late night and select cable channels—images and video of startlving children and heartbroken mothers. While  these commercials do represent a reality that—if witnessed  up close and personal—would prompt most of us to empty our bank accounts with little thought of our own survival.

Still, the numbness—and fiduciary stigma that hangs over the charities that dot he work—gave me pause when determining the direction of WindnWax.tv, and it’s the sole reason I am determined to  operate on a continual get-to-know basis with the artisans and entrepreneurs we meet.

It is also the reason WindnWax.tv keeps to a minimum, the group photo ops we see plastered shamelessly all over the literature of our well- meaning partner competitors. I mean, take Mona. She lives in abject poverty yet still manages to get up every morning, feed children, get them to school, and make the trek home so she work over a hot stove in the name of creating her amazing candles. Damn, doesn’t that deserve  something more than a glamour shot?

The trio of product placeholders attributed to every artisan we represent carry first, a video of them at work; next, a description of their wares and/or the most recent handwritten letter to me; third, a photo of the offering, its sales price, and the add-to-cart button.

I’m in the business to make money but my mentality in this arena is the same as my other endeavors: put an effective effort  together—I mean get the nuts & bolts of it right—and the money will come later. In this case, “right” carries with it every one of the six definitions Webster has to offer.

I want to thank you for visiting WindnWax.tv. If you've wandered around the site and have gained an appreciation for the hard work and commitment of the artisans we represent, feel free to make a donation to help support their work.

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