Why does WindnWax.tv use the .TV domain name extension ?


It's simple really and has everything to do with goodness,  truth, and social responsibility. Let me explain.  I promise I won't waste your time.

Every country on the planet gets its own "Top Level Domain" name (TLD).  Since we in the United States invented the Internet,  we get all the popular names....com, .net, .biz, .org to name a few. Germany gets .DE; Spain gets .ES; Hong Kong gets .HK. The names help to keep the Web separate among varied countries.

Makeshift sea walls can only work for so long. Tuvalu needs a solution that can only come through the publicity provided by sharing it's story.

So who gets .TV? A tiny impoverished--and vanishing--island nation that has practically zero GDP, produces less than .0006 of the planet's greenhouse gasses, yet is most affected by them.

Besides it's remote location,  poverty,  and poor economic outlook,  Tuvalu is facing a problem few can fathom: it is literally sinking into the sunset!  More accurately,  the waters around Tuvalu are swallowing it whole, due primarily to sea level rise attributed to global warming.

Originally the .TV tld was operated by a Verisign company subsidiary named "dotTV". As part of its agreement with Verisign,  the Tuvalu government owned 20% of the latter.  In 2000, Tuvalu negotiated a contract leasing its tld for $50 million in royalties over a twelve year period.  At present, Verisign agreed to extend the Tuvalu contract through 2021. The people of Tuvalu receive $2 million per year from the agreement. Is it enough?  Not to run a small country, no. But expanded use of the .TV tld can work to advance Tuvalu's position. 

Only through steady awareness and support can the Australian and Tuvulan governments work to find a solution to their problem.

By supporting companies that use the .TV domain,  all can help in a way that is both  helpful and transformative to the Tuvaluan people.

Thanks for reading.


The inspiration for our use of fot.TV came from a reading of Michael Norton's best seller, 365 Ways to Change the World.

In an effort to both advocate for and assist the Tuvaluan people in their plight concerning sea level rise, WindnWax.tv donates a fixed percentage of its quarterly earnings to the island nation's ongoing work to rid itself of diesel power generation.

Your support is needed to help end the reliance on the antiquated methods used to power these remote communities.

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