Is it possible to give a gift that changes the world? We think so.

Have you ever felt guilty when buying a gift for yourself? Do you feel any level of stress when shopping for someone else? In a recent survey, gift givers admitted to having this problem, and readily accepted it as a byproduct of the gift-giving experience. It doesn't have to be that way...not anymore.

The team at WindnWax encourages you to browse our site, and others, then consider buying a gift that changes the life of someone before it changes your life or that of the one you're shopping for. Shop artisan candles or windchimes now.

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"The discovery of their revealing free book--completely took away the anxiety I once felt during the vicious cycle of gift-buying. In fact, though I've purchased just a handful of Fair Trade chimes for our home, candle sets for relatives and friends, the warming of my heart is really kind of addictive. Think about it: who benefits when we spend our money at big box stores or online outlets--nobody.

Buying from, however, or any other Fair Trade retailer, actually helps a struggling artist and entrepreneur; people living and working in the US and abroad. And I have to tell you, it changes things. Changes the feelings of anxiousness I once felt when buying for others or myself.

Even if wind chimes, candles, or other oddities aren't for you, accept the free book about Fair Trade and learn how buying for yourself and others really can change the world."

                --James Duffery, Virginia

Is there anything more beautiful, more peaceful, than the sound of the wind as it makes its way between the crafted parts of the wind chime? We`ve done the research, dismissed the cheaply made or mass produced, and brought to you, select Artisan and Fair Trade chimes that will work to earn their place in your garden or quiet places. All of our offerings are handmade by the artisan himself or herself, or by Fair Trade entrepreneurs the world over. Our chime offerings are individually tuned, tested, and inspected for perfection in design and sound. Want to  learn more about Fair Trade? Click/tap here for your free book.

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The candle, not unlike the wind chime, needs an added element in bringing it to life: fire. The history and symbolism of the all consuming flame carries myriad meanings. It's look, feel and smell transcend all to deliver a state of calm like no other. Our artisan and Fair Trade candles are made with the finest materials; their quality unmatched. All will bring a quiet state of peace and gladness to your darkened spaces.

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